Summer: escape the heat discovering Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino Alto Adige is located in the very north of Italy bordering Austria and Switzerland and it is best known for the beauty of its peaks. Trentino Alto Adige is nature, summer sports, hiking & trekking, art & culture: the mountain massifs, their glaciers seems to sparkle in the sun, dominate this region. From here descend abundant waters that have excavated the territory and have transformed these areas into real wonders of nature. The panorama includes coniferous woods, majestic peaks, valleys, rivers and streams, lakes, fantastic play of lights in the Dolomites. The region is surrounded by unspoiled and timeless nature.

Not to be missed: Palio del Brenta

Jugglers, archers and flag-wavers recreate a true medieval atmosphere every year at the end of August. The party begins with the Palio between the two districts, Farinoti and Semoloti, who will compete with the slingshot and the pull of the rope on the ancient bridge and then finish with the spectacular raft on the Brenta. Over 300 participants will then take part in the Grande Corteo Storico, in the square will end the challenge between the districts with the shooting of the bow and the assignment of the prize to the winning contrada. An incredible feast that will take you back in the Medieval time!

Autumn: “tasting” Piedmont

Italy's second-largest region is arguably its most elegant: a purveyor of Slow Food and fine wine, regal palazzi and an atmosphere that is superficially  more Francois than Italian. But dig deeper and you'll discover that Piedmont has “Made in Italy” stamped all over it. Emerging from the chaos of the Austrian wars, the unification movement first exploded here in the 1850s, when the noble House of Savoy provided the nascent nation with its first prime minister and its dynastic royal family. Most Piedmont journeys start with stately Turin, famous for football and Fiat. Beyond the car factories, Piedmont is also notable for its food – everything from rice to white truffles – and the well-known wines like Barolo!It is difficult to visit this region without wanting to taste all that it offers

Not to be missed: Truffle hunting
This unique experience will enrich guests in the soul and in the senses, they will be protagonists of the search but guided by an expert with his faithful dog, guests will try the satisfaction of finding the precious tuber inebriated by its characteristic scent.
The ability of the dog, not without the incitement of his master, will lower participants into an atmosphere of other times full of scents of moss and undergrowth.
The activity will be followed by tastings and light lunch.

Winter: Jump in the history of Naples

Sunny, lively, and simply unforgettable, Naples is music, theater, Vesuvius, coffee, pizza, sea and much more! Naples (Napoli), a former Greek trading center, was established around 600 BC. The city was later conquered by the ancient Romans and became a residence of several emperors and other important persons of that time. Today, Naples is a bustling city located in a beautiful natural setting, with a colorful street life, chaotic traffic, and numerous narrow and winding alleyways that lead to many quaint shops and restaurants. In fact the street is where Naples happens. It's bustling and unique, where Neapolitan is a language in its own right; it's rich in historical, artistic, and cultural traditions and with its own distinct cuisine, where the pizza originated in the 18th century and is eaten, like so many other delicious local foods, out on the street. And what does all of this add up to? One of the most exciting, vivid places you'll ever visit.

Not to be missed: Naples San Gregorio Armeno Street
Famous worldwide as the "nativity scene road", it links the old city center to the main roads. There are some important monuments such as the San Gregorio Armeno Monastery and is also the city center for hundreds of artists' and commercial businesses: sculptors, silversmiths, gilders, and many craftsmen that make figurines for nativity scenes using traditional methods.

Spring: Unknown Tuscany

Il Borro
A beautifully restored medieval village surrounded by wooded hillsides at the heart of a 750-hectare organic estate and winery owned by the Ferragamo family. There's a genuine village community atmosphere here: the church holds weekly services and there are several craft studios selling made-to-measure shoes, leather goods, artworks and so on. Only the resort's electric vehicles are allowed so it's incredibly peaceful.  The impressive range of facilities includes a well-equipped 24-hour gym, a small spa with steam room and whirlpool tub, and two open-air pools, the larger in a delightfully secluded spot with its own pool-bar. Bikes can be hired to explore the estate's trails (five km to 45km/ three to 28 miles), there's horse-riding (including horse-back yoga) and a three-hole golf course and driving range near the private airfield. The village's craft studios offer hands-on experiences including shoe and jewelry making, while the Vino&Arte gallery has engravings by artists such as Picasso, Rembrandt and Andy Warhol.  Each of the 35 suites housed in the appealing stone-built buildings of the medieval village is named after a former resident or profession, and each has its own layout and character.
Not to be missed: Unique experience in the beautiful Tuscan landscape

In addition to relaxing away from the chaotic cities and enjoying the resort’s facilities and attractions, this location offers unrepeatable experiences like Ferrari test drives, helicopter tours, thrilling hot-air balloon flights, and shopping tours to the main luxury outlets to delight any shopaholic! Without forgetting – of course - the tasting of the magnificent Tuscan wines along with the food delicacies of the territory.

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