For Your Ears…
“Le mani sapienti” – The skillful hands

Milan offers a unique opportunity to approach the world of the Italian music in a suggestive location: a cultural project inspired by the principles of the Fondazione Antonio Carlo Monzino whose objective is to diffuse the learning of music as an element of our education and life,
The “Sale Panoramiche del Castello Sforzesco” hosts the laboratory of crafts, from the construction to the repair and renovation of violins, lutes and guitars with the support of teaching videos.

The laboratory illustrates the construction phases of arch, pluck and string, with the objective of promoting the upswing of artisan work.
The Hall is located above the Museum of Musical Instruments, the same Hall that the Monzino family donated part of its collection to.
The “Momento Musicale” is a musical performance by young talented artists that allow instruments to come to life through music.
Surrounded by the music of a string quartet or a piano, guests will enjoy a private tour of the Sforzesco Castle, followed by a meeting with a master luthier who will show how to make a violin and will bring them in the magical atmosphere of one of the most important museum of historical instruments.
This amazing visit can also be followed by a private and equal exclusive Italian aperitif surrounded by history, art and … of course… music!

For Your Rest…
ME Milan – il Duca

Milan revival, or rather, more: Milan capital of luxury hotels. Perhaps due to the Expo effect, that is still being felt in the long term, or maybe for the new geographic map drawn, the fact is that the Lombard main city is at the center of investments for large hotel groups. Anyway, Milan opens to being not only a metropolis of strong business vocation, but also touristic.
In this scenario the lifestyle 5 star Melia Hotel ME Milan – il Duca hotel offers contemporary, cutting-edge design in one of the world’s leading fashion capitals.
Near to the Fashion District and the nightlife of Porta Garibaldi, it is the ideal starting point to experience Milan, just opposite the Piazza della Repubblica metro station and at short distance from the Stazione Centrale FS (Central Railway Station).

Designed by the world famous architect Aldo Rossi, amongst its fantastic services and facilities ME Milan - Il Duca provides 132 exquisitely designed, modern rooms, including 34 suites; a high-energy steakhouse restaurant from New York - STK; Rooftop Bar with outdoor terrace and spectacular panoramic views of the new skyline of Milan including the new towers in the Garibaldi area. The hotel also consists of two executive boardrooms a total of 100 sq. meters, a modern, fully equipped gym, open 24 hours a day, and high speed Wi-Fi internet. Last but not least, Me Milan features 2 meeting rooms fully equipped up to max 50 guests.

For Your “Gusto”…
Farm 65

Italy = Great Food
Farm 65 is a place where passion and ideas are nurtured with love and laugh. Here guests can enjoy cooking, experience flavors and tasting the best Italian cousin.
65 is the temperature for having a perfect egg, soft with a melting heart! 
Farm 65 is located in a beautiful 450sqm loft on the Milan Naviglio Pavese.
The loft is part of an old paper factory which has been restored with typical Italian flair: high beamed ceilings, grey industrial flooring, huge windows which flood the place with natural light.

In this fascinating location guests can enjoy an amusing cooking class learning the most important tricks to become a real Italian cooker! Each course begins highlighting quality products, learning the production and their nutritional aspects. Participants follow then every step of the preparation of a recipe, from the food design on the plate, to the final tasting. Farm 56 can host max 70 guests.
Even more….on request guests can also enjoy a Wine caveau moment to discover and enjoy rare and special Italian wines which are normally not available outside of Italy!
Buon appetito!

For Your Eyes…
Sixty Last Supper

Thirty years after the death of Andy Warhol (1928-1987), the Museum of ‘900 exhibits, with the collaboration of the Gagosian Gallery, will display one of the American artist's masterpieces and famous interpretation of the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci: Sixty Last Suppers, built in 1986.
Between 1985 and 1987, Warhol created a series of works dedicated to Leonardo's Last Supper - more than one hundred paintings and silkscreens. Sixty Last Suppers emphasizes the fundamental component of the poetic Warhol: seriality which says basically the original works of art character. In Benjamin's terms it is the exposure value versus the cultural value of works of art. Intention, therefore, to demystify the work of art and his being a, "unique", the famous pop artist is also the Last Supper by Leonardo, like other subjects such as Campbell's Soup, the Brillo Box and the Coca Cola, ie as products.

ANDY WARHOL. Sixty Last Suppers
Museo del Novecento 
From March 24th to May 18th 2017

For Your “Mood”…
Birrificio Milano

Birrificio Milano was born in 2013, in Via Mecenate in what used to be the Caproni Taliedo Area, a marvelous Milanese industrial site. The brewing company is set in one of this area’s still perfectly preserved buildings that was used in the past to build airplanes.
The brewery pursues the dream of handicraft and locally produced New Excellence, the true desire to breathe life into a beautiful archeological industrial site with the passion for high-quality handicraft, excellence, innovation, and-why not-jobs and hope for the young.

The brewery’s beers reflect the way of being of the young team, curious and open to the new, yet also strongly connected to Italian tradition and taste. They select top raw materials and modify them with great care for details. Care is their strength. Care is the underlying theme behind all their choices.
At the heart of Birrificio Milano is the desire to place man and handicrafts in the foreground, challenging globalization and its silent yet stifling taste-flattening effects.
Guests will have the chance to visit this beautiful brewery, getting to know the beer production progress from A to Z and... of course … they will enjoy a beer tasting along with local products for their “mood”!!!

Gastaldi: Your Way to Italy is Our Way!

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