Amazing authentic venue for up to 500 people

Montenegro is a tiny country full of surprises. It is already on the highest level on “MICE RADAR” in Europe, and well on its way to become one of the most well known mice destinations in whole world.

Every year, Montenegro gets stronger as a top destination choice for the incentives trips.  Although a very small country, it is filled with amazing sites.

One of those places is Skadar Lake - one of five national parks in Montenegro. It is situated in the region well known by its vineyards. Grape growing in Montenegro is divided into two regions: one coastal, by Skadar Lake, and the other is the basin of Adriatic. 

This central area of Skadr Lake  is home of more than 10 local wine producers, and among them all there is one not only the biggest but also the most authentic. It is wine cellar Sipcanik.

One of the biggest vineyards all in one place in Europe is Cemovsko Field which has around 2310 hectares of farmland.  It is owned by the Montenegrin Company 13. Jul Plantaže was established in 1963. All wines produced by Plataze can be found in Sipcanik wine cellar which is just a short hop from Skadar Lake.

So how authentic a venue can be?

And where do you find an ancient military hangar now transformed into wine cellar?

And what if it’s a part of the biggest wine cellar in one piece in Europe?

It sounds like a lot of barriques full of best Montenegrin wines, right ?

It is 3,000 meters in length and 30 meters wide.

Simply, this is the venue for all occasions from 50-500, comfortable for events like

farewell dinners, car launchs, conferences, meetings and training sessions for corporate clients.

Sipcanik wine cellar - The remains of the former military airport is a highly conserved airstrip that is perfect for various automobile events.

Guests who visit Montenegro have a chance to see Montenegrin tradition and nature.

From our experiences the clients are usually impressed with it because of its authenticity of the place.

You can be confident that our knowledgeable and skilled team will be on hand to offer expert advice.