Spanish chefs keep gaining stars and keep bringing the term of haute cuisine to the whole new level creating a worldwide impact. Just this year, Dani García, the brilliant chef with Andalusian roots, just won the third star for his restaurant in Marbella´s Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa. Torres Brothers, based in Barcelona didn´t want to be left behind and scored a second star for the Cocina Hermanos Torres restaurant.

It goes without saying that Spanish gastronomy is always one of the essential elements of any program organized by Spanish Heritage DMC: we love taking our groups to the most local tapas bars where we go with our friends on the weekend and we definitely enjoy seeing the guest “get their hands dirty” and learn to cook the authentic paella.

However, when at the end of 2018 a very good client of ours put us to the test by asking us to introduce the Spanish haute cuisine element in their event, we decided to go all the way and do what has never been done before: collect as many Michelin stars for the event as possible. The challenge was accepted.

After one entire year of work, over 1.500 emails, 576 phone calls and 11 tastings, we managed to have 4 most famous chefs of the Spanish and worldwide gastronomy scene, Dani García (Dani García Restaurant ***), Albert Raurich (Dos Palillos *), Sergio and Javier Torres Cocina Hermanos Torres**), with a total of 6 Michelin stars, creating their exclusive gourmet offer for 3 off-site dinners and a big Celebratory event with over 1200 attendees who were, as you can imagine, completely amazed by the experience.

The menus were 100% tailor-made for each event, taking into account the specific geographical region each group of attendees was coming from to cater their particular taste. For instance, in case of the Asian guests, the chef in charge made a special emphasis on vegetarian and fresh fish references.

Spanish Heritage has as well designed a theming concept for some of the events including themed entertainment, furnishing and even activities! For instance, the event held in the Convent dels Àngels chapel was a “Secret Society” dinner. The guests were invited inside a mysterious tunnel of shadows and voices to participate in the rite the local monks prepared for them: using the iPads guests had to solve the monk´s riddles that appeared in form of Augmented Reality items. After passing the monks´ test, the guests were invited inside the chapel to dine at the “Secret Society´s table and listen to the Gregorian choir sing for them as they enjoy their exquisite feast at the light of the candelabras.

The pop-art was the theme of another dinner, for which the façade of The Modern Art Museum of Barcelona was completely illuminated in colors and Andy Warhol´s Campbell´s soup cans were used as centerpieces.

Needless to say, the guests were absolutely carried away by the experience. The impeccable gastronomy provided by the famous chefs became a real differentiation point from the events our client held in other destinations. The attendees could actually have that intimate experience anyone has when they go to a Michelin star restaurant on their own while being in a group. The comments were beyond fantastic!

Who else can boast gathering that many stars for an event, but Spanish Heritage?