• Spain is now a safe destination thanks to its strict measures to control the worldwide healthcare crisis. There are also many precautions in place to ensure everybody’s safety, including tracking infections, early detection of possible outbreaks, and containing localised cases.
  • You can travel to Spain if you are travelling from the European Union, from a country in the Schengen area, or from another country which has a reciprocal agreement with Spain for accepting travellers. This last group comprises Australia, Canada, China, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay.
  • Free movement is allowed throughout Spain, with a few exceptions, restricted to small areas, to ensure safety
  • All tourist services are applying safety protocols based on guidelines created by the Ministry of Health, working together with public and private tourism organisations
  • Restaurants, bars, shopping malls, museums and tourist attraction have been softly reopening starting from the beginning of June, with appropriate capacity and sanitary restrictions applied in each casePIC 1 v2

  • Lots of hotels have reopened starting from July, for example, the W Hotel Barcelona, The Arts Hotel and The Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid.
  • In fact, on September 25th the highly anticipated Four Seasons Madrid was a new opening in Madrid,  ith its 1.700 m2 (over 18.000ft2) of meeting spaces and a spectacular shopping and gastronomic offer in the very heart of the Spanish capital!
  • Numerous museums and tourists attractions such as Real Alcazar of Seville, The Prado Museum or La Alhambra of Granada have been opening their doors to the visitors over the last few weeks, with the right physical distancing measure in place

PIC 2 Real Alcazar de Sevilla

  • Exclusive foodie experience in Marbella. Dani García’s Atelier in Marbella is the research and development center where this famous Michelin star chef and his team create avant-garde dishes and innovative products on a daily basis. There is nothing more extraordinary you can offer for your group than dining at the very mecca of gourmet creativity and actually witnessing the process of creation.
  • Host an event inside Madrid´s Stock Exchange building and wow your attendees with a very special farewell night! Check out how it looks like on the inside and all set up for one of the latest events by Spanish Heritage.

PIC 3 v2

  • Royal Equestrian School Andalusia. Spanish Heritage offers you a 100% authentic Spanish Culture Discovery Day in Andalusia that features visiting the Royal School of Equestrian Art located just 1-hour drive away from Seville where you will se the Andalusian horses dance. You will also stop at the magnificent Finca Los Alburejos where the group will have the pleasure to meet the Domecq family members who will tell them the story of the estate dedicated to the horse breeding and have a casual al fresco meal
  • You can enjoy a meal in the oldest restaurant in the world in Spain’s capital, Madrid. Although other restaurants claim they are older, the title has been awarded by Guinness World Records to Restaurante Botín, which has been open since 1725. The signature dish? Cochinillo asado (roast suckling pig).
  • Barcelona is home to the nº 20 on the list of the 50 world´s best bars. Paradiso Cocktail Bar is a hidden gem of Barcelona´s el Born quarter. As you approach the entrance, you see a hip sandwich bar, but there is whole different crazy world hidden on the other side of the refrigerator door…
  • Booking out a historical train in Mallorca. One of the coolest experiences for your incentive group in Mallorca is taking a private 1-hour ride on a historical train that runs between the island´s capital – Palma and the beautiful town of Soller. We can also add some characters on the train that will reveal the history of the island to the guests in a very entertaining way!
  • Spanish Heritage is proud of having created an event with 6 Michelin stars involved


  • The founder of our company Paco used to travel the world as a member of a traditional Spanish student band – “tuna band”.
  • We have our IGTV cookbook where you can learn to prepare Spanish cuisine specialities with our team: https://www.instagram.com/spanish_heritage_dmc/channel/

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