Admit it, almost everyone makes a kind of summary for themselves at the beginning of the year reminiscing on how was the past year, what the future holds and, of course, where we are right now. Here is the “start-of-the-year” rundown by SHE-Spanish Heritage DMC.


Our last year´s BIG event:

2016 was good to us. We had a chance to bring into life quite a few big, complex and spectacular projects.
The last “big deal” of the year was a gala dinner for a multinational law firm as part of their annual conference. The dinner took place in the most imposing venue in Barcelonathe MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia).
Almost 1000 attendees were left speechless by the “hanging musicians” rising up to the palace´s ceiling while they were going on with the song.

The construction of a live human tower right in the center of the room was another “wow-factor” of the dinner. The “castell” (meaning “castle” in Catalan) was a metaphor for teamwork and the mutual effort of all the companies’ subsidiaries to reach the common goals.

Another thing that was special about the evening was the exquisite menu. And not only was it delicious, but every dish “impersonated” the three geniuses of Spanish art: Pablo Picasso as a “cubistic” starter, Salvador Dali as the main course with a touch of surrealism and Antoni Gaudi for dessert as the master of Modernism.

Family end-of-the-year teambuilding:

SHE-Spanish Heritage DMC did not forget about its own company group and organized a Christmas teambuilding activity for the big Herencia Group Family.
The annual meet-up which happened in Madrid in December went under the concept “We are Family” where several ice-breakers were proposed so every company belonging to Herencia Group could introduce itself and make a brief overview of what their business consists in to make it clear to the other “family members”.

The meeting was followed by an iPad Gymkhana game thoroughly-prepared by SHE-Spanish Heritage DMC. In order to bring some more Christmas spirit into the activity, each one of the 7 teams had a reindeer-captain with a corresponding name of one of the Santa´s reindeers (remember, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen?).


Upcoming Events in Barcelona:

Spring is promising to be a busy season in Barcelona with two major sport events happening in April-March.

Firstly,El Clasico” football match is just around the corner now. As per schedule, this famous battle between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona kicks off at 4:15 PM Local time on 23rd April.

Less than 3 weeks after that, Formula 1 Grand Prix 2017 strikes between the 12th and 14th of May. The Santander 2017 Spanish Grand Prix is held at the Circuit de Catalunya in Montmelo, Barcelona, Spain (approximately 30min north-east from the city of Barcelona).
So, if you are thinking of a VIP program linked to one of these events, do not wait too long as the hotels are already selling out, contact SHE-Spanish Heritage DMC!

Featured Destination: Ibiza

Ibiza´s modern and cosmopolitan spirit combined with its UNESCO Heritage sites, have turned it into one of the top-requested destinations for MICE in Spain in the recent years. As any other island, Ibiza has a laid-back and informal character, while, unlike some other islands, it also offers exceptional historic venues, world´s top 5-star hotels as well as a huge variety of incentive options starting from a vintage cars drive to a day-trip to Formentera on board of a catamaran with music and Champagne.
Ask SHE-Spanish Heritage DMC for more options!


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