One could think that having long snowy winters would stop anyone from doing anything other than the necessary. Let us prove you wrong! You are invited to lively and trendy Stockholm, where long winters are made fun by the positivity, the creativity and the open mindedness of Stockholmers, and summers are just more enjoyable thanks to Stockholm’s colours, inside and out. But there are more reasons to visit this “role model” city!

Stockholm – the first to be sustainable

Stockholm takes global warming and the planet seriously, and in 2010 Stockholm was appointed as the first European Green Capital by the EU Commission. In Stockholm everything is based on a sustainable mindset. From small everyday things, such as turning off the water while you brush your teeth, to sustainable stores, restaurants and even opening an entire mall dedicated to re-claimed goods, the City of Stockholm has gone further and has built an Eco-friendly urban area. It is called Hammarby Sjöstad and it’s situated in the southern part of Stockholm.

Hammarby Sjöstad – a long term commitment

The district has been planned with an eco-cycle approach and is intended to showcase ecological and environmentally sensitive construction and living. Today the area houses about 25,000 committed people and is run on 50% renewable energy. When in Stockholm a tour to this modern area is a must, during which the guide will tell you about the history, the architecture, the everyday life of the families that live here and even how waste is managed!

Haymarket by Scandic – trendy, central and amazing!

Hotel Haymarket is one of the many new hotels of Stockholm, but at Haymarket you can still feel the history of the old building that once housed the first luxury department store in Stockholm. The hotel is situated right in the city centre on Hötorget (the food market square), just opposite the 1920’ blue classical concert hall, food halls, markets, shops and the central station. Like many others, Haymarket has embraced the trend of Stockholm: Get people out and about, enjoy history, beautiful things and not least a good meal and maybe a glass of wine in good company. The three restaurants at the hotel are buzzing with life and hotel guests can mingle with joyful Stockholmers. This is the perfect place for a well-made cocktail or smaller meetings in vibrant surroundings. Guess what? Of course, the hotel focuses strongly on eco-friendly and sustainable solutions!

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