The world-famous Cirque du Soleil is guesting in Zurich this fall. The acrobatic circus from Canada is presenting its show, “Totem”, at the Hardturm Areal in Zürich-West.

The colorful, spectacular, and surprising show enchants with masterful acrobatics, which take audiences on a journey though the evolutionary history of the human race. The stage resembles a giant turtle, the symbol of the origin of life in many cultures. On this striking stage, the characters evolve from the original amphibian state through all of the stages of the human species to the modern-day desire to fly.

Forty-six artistes, singers, and musicians demonstrate a diversity of feats in terms of acrobatics, dance and song, as well as visually. The performances take audiences’ breath away, but are also sensual and evoke an inconceivable feeling of lightness and ease. 

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