Snezana Vejnovic/CEO/Talas-M

Talas is a strange name for a DMC where does it come from?

Talas is a strange name for a DMC where does it come from? The name was given by the owner at the time when Talas-M was created. I was not owner at that time just General manager. I have developed the agency rapidly and after few years when I became a shareholder the name was already in my blood. So yes, Talas M is my baby that has grown up so fast, this year we are going to be18 years and last year we have changed our name to Talas Montenegro DMC.

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What do you love most about being the CEO of a successful DMC?

To work with my team and to see their success and recognition when they finish a project

What’s your proudest moment?

Business wise ,it is when we managed to have an incentive group in small Montenegro, 500 pax on 2 overnights without using hotel facilities my proudest personal moment is when I become a mom, it cannot be compared with any other.

If you could change anything in the world , what would it be?

Poverty, basic human rights, ability to feel free and accepted by community

If you were president of Montenegro what law would you make immediately?

Reduction of taxes

What do you love most about , Montenegro?

Colours,diversity in every and each corner, high mountains,crystal clear sea and endless horizons

What do you like least about Montenegro?

Our country is quite small and sometimes you can’t help but see what is in your neighbours garden and them in yours :)

If you weren’t running a DMC what else would you be doing?

I cannot imagine doing anything else, even if it won’t be DMC it would something connected with tourism and outdoor experience

Tea or Coffee?

Absolutely Coffee

Abba or ACDC?

Definitely ACDC

What advice would you give to anyone travelling to Montenegro?

Take your smile with you and let your senses lead you thought our country

Finally what if anything would you like people to know about you and Talas - M ?

Besides an excellent year, we have newborn members in our team, twin girls Daria and Mila, baby boy Danilo, and 2 days old Tarik. This is going to be their first editorial and I m looking forward to see the next.

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