Jarmila talks twenty years of Maxin PRAGUE

As Maxin PRAGUE, our member in the Czech Republic celebrates twenty years of business, Managing Director and CEO, Jarmila Pipkova Skorikova talks us through her view of life with the business she built.

“TWENTY YEARS IS EXACTLY ONE THIRD OF MY LIFE, and – whether I like it or not – that makes me stop and think. But I don’t want to reminisce about the past and tire you with statistics and figures. I’d like to recall the highlights instead.


THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING was the initial enthusiasm and joy of each day I spent at my company. In the first five years, we weren’t tied up by any binding European Union directives, and the internet was just beginning to develop, so we had time to respond to requests by fax, or even by letter.

THE HARDEST THING was to get the company through the crisis years in the first decade of this millennium.

THE SADDEST THING was, and always will be, seeing a useful member of the team leaving and longing for new challenges elsewhere.

THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE are me and the entire team after each successful event, receiving thanks and appreciation from our clients nationwide and worldwide.

THE FASTEST AND MOST CREATIVE – that’s what we should be so we can beat our competitors with better offers, prepared faster.

THE MOST SURPRISING THING for me is that Maxin is 20! I never would have expected such a huge success. All I did was to try every day to maintain everything and to work 100%. I could have been let down by my health, we could have been hit with a huge debt from a fly-by-night client, we could have been destroyed by a fire… Fortunately, none of that happened, and we still have a sound, independent company after all this time!

THE MOST GRATEFUL PERSON is me, because during these 20 years I have been helped and supported at every moment, even the difficult ones, by my two sons, Matúš and Jakub, who have grown up together with our company.

MATÚŠ has uniquely contributed to making Maxin Prague visible on the internet, and so new clients believe the message of our website, assign their events to us, and bring us considerable sums of money.

JAKUB has worked his way up from an assistant position in operations to a proficient salesman responsible for some of our largest contracts each year. He has envisioned exclusive new products and, most importantly, knows how to implement them.

I ADMIT that I don’t fully understand Matúš’s alchemy when it comes to internet marketing tools, but I fully rely on his skills and knowledge. And I also admit that Jakub has long surpassed his teacher in business skills. A big “Well done” to them both!

OUR USE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY KEEPS OUR COMPANY CONSTANTLY EVOLVING and moving forward. For four years now we’ve been licensing the exclusive Catalyst teambuilding programs – as the only Czech company to do so. For three years we’ve been using up-to-date software for comprehensive event management. This year, we’re moving the whole company over to a cloud solution, and we’ve gained a promise of exclusive representation for a new set of very attractive meeting and conference products.

THE THREE OF US COULDN’T DO MUCH at all without great performances by all of the Maxin team members, and all our contractors too. A big thank you to them all as well. We’ve been working with some of them since 1999. We wouldn’t have been able to build and maintain Maxin Prague’s reputation without their high-quality services, unwavering commitment, and reliability.

FOR US, 20 YEARS IN THE TOURISM MARKET DOESN’T MEAN IT’S TIME TO LOOK BACKWARD. Thanks to everything I’ve mentioned, we’re able to push our company forward.

AND SO FAR THIS YEAR, we’ve not only celebrated 20 years, but also celebrated four weddings and the birth of two babies in the Maxin Prague team...!"



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