An Incentive Instagram-Friendly Graffiti and Market Experience

When incentive organisers ask more and more for “something different”, “not the normal tour” or “out of the ordinary” to wow their group, it really means bringing three things together all in one event: ‘hip’ and happening culture; hands on and taste experiences for everyone in the group; and lots of Instagram worthy photos for all the group’s friends and followers to see.

And when they ask their DMC to recommend an incentive activity that will leave their group –  especially ones made up of the new wave of millenials coming through the ranks of reward programs now – with memories that will last long in their minds, the best will know exactly what to suggest, because they have seen and experienced their recommendations for themselves.

The team at Eshet Incentives recommend an incredible graffiti-and-taste-experience tour around Tel Aviv for this very reason. They know exactly what you’ll get and see, having walked the walk, sampled some of the tastes on offer, cheered with drinks, and taken glorious photos too – lots and lots and lots of photos…



The graffiti tour will take you and your group through Florentine – an urban renewal neighbourhood known as the ‘SoHo’ of Tel Aviv for its modern-contemporary architecture (juxtaposed against ancient and neglected houses);  for its young and vibrant scene with many artisan crafts and bars, restaurants and cafes; and for the incredible array of street art all over – ready for the most ardent photographer and social poster. The knowledgeable guide will take you to and talk you through key works and pieces around Florentine, while you take in the thousands of other pieces all along the walk



With alternative art and modern culture covered, and many photos taken and posted, onto the tasting part of the tour. Dive into sights, sounds, smells, flavours and taste experience of Levinsky Market. It is the real deal in terms of experience: a market which brings together many diverse cuisines, foods and spices, and is a melting pot of immigrant culture, it is still the most authentic in the city. Untouched by commercialisation, it holds and reveals the history of much of the Mediterranean cuisines and authentic dishes which have all but disappeared in other places. On the tours, you get to sample home-cooked dishes from everywhere from Buchara and Turkey to Persia and more, as well from the ‘home-grown’ fusion street food from stall. All washed down and toasted with refreshing drinks…


Eshet Incoming knows that planning a perfect and memorable incentive trip requires knowledge, experience, creativity, and lots of effort. Eshet also believes that putting together a full itinerary that will answer all the needs, interests and budget for your group, while paying attention to every little detail, is an art in itself.

That is why the team at Eshet Incoming believe in building knowledge by doing and by experiencing all these activates first-hand. They are able to offer and recommend this “not-the-traditional” tour, because they have walked it, experienced it, tasted it, and yes, taken lots (and lots) of photos of it.


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