• Shopping malls and street stores open to the public with limited number of persons allowed in each store or mall at a time 
  • All international borders are open and international flights have returned for most part. Those airlines still not flying are scheduling their returns for October and November.
  • Public transportation is in full service
  • Most hotels and Inns are open or planning to reopening in October

BR Pic 1

  • Our beaches are now open 
  • Public parks and beach front boardwalks are now open too
  • Brazil is great to visit all year round, but the best time is May, when the weather in Rio is particularly pleasant with a beautiful light and very little rain. Walpax is here to arrange your trip any time of year, but especially May. Remember we are a tropical country with very little rain
  • Carnival, our most popular festival in Brazil, had its parade postponed from its traditional date in February to some point still to be determined in May or June 2021


  • Walpax is a traditional DMC in established in 1963, originally as a travel agency and since the late 70’s an incoming tour operator.
  • In the 1990’s it evolved into a DMC, and in 2010 the company was bought by Grupo Águia (Eagle, in Portuguese), one of the largest and most financially solid travel groups in Brazil. In these COVID-19 times and the new normal, we are strong and solid financially, and are here to stay for groups, incentive travel and MICE


  • During the lockdown Walpax has been working from our home offices, negotiating with suppliers better terms of payment, working on any cancellations, and better still rebooking postponed groups, as well as securing better prices for when the pandemic is over – all to make sure we can offer you the best of Brazil at a great price and service.
  • We have also used the time also to train our junior and mid-level staff, giving them the chance to take part in educational webinars offered by several international MICE entities, to give you even better service
  • We are working part of the week in our offices at Grupo Águia, and part at home, on a rotation basis to allow us to maintain the social distance for us all. BR PIC 4


  • We are also providing plenty of training for clients via webinars and virtual updates to keep them highly aware what Brazil has to offer as a perfect MICE Why not arrange an update for yourself, to find out why you should bring your group to Brazil soon?

Walpax Brazil is the perfect partner to make your trip to experience the best of Brazil happen – contact us now to find out how:


Email: brazil@euromic.com

Website:  https://walpax.com.br/

Tel: +55 21 2430 1199